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The winter is coming – Adore Models Winter Fashion Guide

‘The winter is coming.’ Just like the TV show, Game Of Thrones, the fashion industry eagerly awaits for winter. As we get ready for the season of joy and festivities, it becomes important to remember the basics – the everyday dressing essential we may get wrong a little too often. Mumbai may not have much of a winter, but the drop in temperatures certainly encourages us to wear those rarely-used winter clothes. In a city soaked in humidity for most of the year, the pleasant winter months are an opportunity to experiment with different foods and clothing.

A lukewarm winter can have its advantages. The oversized jackets, the warm knit sweaters, sweatshirts or the faux-fur jackets. Taking your dusty winter wardrobe out reminds you of the coziness that winter is all about. It makes you want to cuddle with your ‘someone special’, it makes you want to steal their jackets or just go for a long drive on a cool morning for some hot breakfast. From the fabric to comfort, it gives you a feeling of protection, the feeling of warmth.

If not the parkas, down jackets, or thick fur Mumbai winter fashion can be made dressy with a few winter basics. Winter basics might include pullovers, sweatshirts, sweaters, and more.

  • This winter, don’t pair your denim with the basic greys and blacks. Choose bright-colored pullovers with some quirky all-over prints to jazz up your winter! From prints in white that can give your bright-colored pullover a beautiful contrast, vivaciously colored prints on pastel-hued pullovers, one can never have enough of printed pullovers this winter.
  • Knit sweaters are key for a great winter outfit. A loose knot blouse with an adorable front knot, a turtleneck with stripes, or a crew neck might add some great color and can be thrown on with your favorite pair of jeans.
  • A soft long-sleeve dress with a cowl neck so you can have that “effortlessly sophisticated” look while basically wearing pajamas. On the other hand, a classic and beautifully striped pencil dress for going back to school, work, or out to dinner. Just throw on a jacket and your favorite scarf for a chic added layer and you’re ready to impress the others.
  • A pleated A-line skirt you can wear with a basic top and let the beautiful fall pattern do all the work. A pair of paisley flare pants because you love jeans but every so often you want to switch it up and these are calling your name! A pair of tight-fitting jeans to keep you snug, warm, and slaying it as you walk down the busy roads on Mumbai to get your favorite cup of coffee.
  • A hooded flannel shirt because the only thing that makes a flannel shirt even cozier is a flannel hood to go with it.

These are the most basic but yet fashionable outfits which can be pulled off as dressy just with the addition of a few accessories. Accessories are the most important aspect of Winter fashion. Living in a humid climate, one does not get a lot of opportunities to pull of a beanie or even a scarf, however this is the season to cherish it all.

  • A blanket knit scarf that’ll keep you warm on colder days and could also be used to take a nap mid-day if you’re feeling sleepy.
  • A chunky cable-knit beanie, because your head needs warmth and you can’t help but look adorable in one of these bad boys.
  • A knit circle infinity scarf you’ll be infinitely happier you have on a cool and crisp day on your way to work!
  • A fringed pashmina shawl to add a fashionable and versatile item to your wardrobe. Wear this as a scarf, shawl, head wrap or even use as a light blanket on a chilly night out.
  • A pair of ankle booties that’ll follow you into every season. Seriously they’ll be your sole-mates.
  • A pair of Spanx and tights you’ll thank yourself later for buying now. You’re definitely going to want multiple pairs of them to keep your legs warm this fall. Not to mention they’ll turn any outfit into a super sleek and sophisticated one!

The intensity of how winter is going to be is not only justified by how cold it is going to get but also how warm you can make yourself feel. The key is layering up. Putting on a simple jacket or a cardigan on your outfit during winter is the best way to look dressy, warm and comfortable. It looks really cool in winter and also helps in keeping you warm. Choose proper garment fabrics that are winter-appropriate and fashionable too. T-shirts and shirts can be worn as a base layer, denim jackets, vests, and sweaters can be teamed as the middle layer and lastly, over-coats with scarves can be worn as the top layer.

  • A striped cardigan with pockets is perfect for an added layer of warmth, comfort and style.
  • A stunning oversized sweater dress will turn heads no matter when or how you decide to style it.
  • For a more formal look, a double-breasted blazer will give your outfit a more sophisticated warm look.
  • A faux-fur long or short jacket that’ll go well with your soon to be winter Instagram aesthetic.
  • A classic fall coat with buttons to add sophistication and round out your outfit while also keeping you warm on this crisp fall day.

Looking good when it’s freezing is a niche wardrobe art. It shouldn’t be, because it’s very cold very often. But judging by the background chatter on Twitter and on public transport – few of us are sure about what to wear when the temperature drops. Now that you have an idea of what winter fashion is all about, enjoy this season with your loved ones. Go for a cute late night date in a leather jacket or a pashmina shawl, go star-gazing in the cool environment in an oversized cardigan to share and cuddle under the night sky.