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Things one can do to become a model

Modeling life seems surreal and almost as easy as a cakewalk, but there’s no shortcut or an easy trick for becoming the face of a reputed magazine or a brand. Although it seems like there are unattainable beauty standards that one needs to be genetically blessed with to get flooded with opportunities, many models despite their good looks, don’t find the right exposure and end up being undiscovered and lost. Many new comers get it right real soon and that’s because they’re either lucky or super smart. Since you were lucky enough to stumble upon this article, we can surely guide you into how you can achieve your modeling dreams by following our smart tips:

1. Start with yourself

This means taking care of your health and skin just like any runway model or actress would. It doesn’t have to involve lavish spending. Try out homemade remedies, develop a proper skincare routine and stick to it. Look after your hair, nails, feet, teeth, etc. Every inch of you from top to the bottom should look healthy and supple. Become someone an agency or a production would like to hire. It’s important to feel like a model to look like one. Spending a little on yourself will help you look naturally glamorous in the long run.

2. Collaborate

Gone are the days when models had to run behind photographers and cash out huge chunks of money for a single portfolio shoot. Thanks to the rising popularity of DSLRs and its availability, many budding photographers are ready to work with fresh, good looking faces to curate their portfolios. Same goes for the budding make up artists. Collaborate with the good ones and come up with photos good enough to sell you to your client. Look up the portfolios of famous models and see which pose or theme works for you. This will help you get a good portfolio for free!

3. Social media matters

Your social media plays a huge role in showcasing your fashion sense, taste, lifestyle, personality and also how well you’re able to influence your followers with your page. Brands love to collaborate with models that have a good reach that will help them reach out to a larger consumer base. Also plan your posts beforehand to make it look professional and post regularly because out of sight is out of mind. So make your instagram game strong and you’re already halfway there.

4. Putting yourself out there

Once you’re done polishing yourself, there’s still a whole list of things you need to reach out to:

  • Modeling agencies. They can help you in a huge way in getting quality projects and cater to your auditions and projects making sure you build a good image in the industry. They do half your work for you letting you concentrate on the more important job of cracking the audition. An agency will sign up with you once they are assured that you have the potential to get good projects. So if you get selected in one, awesome! But if not, don’t stop. Keep working on yourself and keep applying for open auditions. Once you manage to get some work to yourself, then you will ultimately be noticed.
  • Casting groups on social media. These pages are available on instagram as well as facebook and they will help you get updated with every audition that takes place and who is conducting it. Keep their notifications on and know the who’s who of the casting industry. More on this in our article on How to crack an audition 101(insert hyperlink).

5. Join a modeling/ pageant/ acting school

Every skill needs expert guidance and so does this. Joining a good reputed school will help you learn everything you need to flourish in the industry. And investing in a good course can never go waste. Most agencies are willing to take someone who is out of a well approved acting/ modeling/ pageant school.

6. Make contacts, get noticed

Get in touch with casting directors, their assistants, be on their speed dial, keep updating them with your work and portfolio. This will ensure that whenever there’s a new requirement, they’ll think of you and approach you. Reach out to people who you know can help you out and get you good opportunities. Build contacts and communicate continuously.

7. Repeat the hustle

By now you would have landed on your first gig. Don’t just stop there. Keep attending auditions and keep doing everything that you had been doing, keep the struggle going until the time you get noticed by some real good production. Once you get two to five good production with more screen time or visibility, it’ll get easier and work will start flowing in.

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Adore Models Monthly Newsletter

We are “Adore Models,” a modeling agency located in Bandra specifically designed for the appeal of youngsters. Adore Models recruits, grooms and represents upcoming fresh talents.

The company was established in the summer of 2018, It represents models and actors and works with the regional and international marketplaces for all areas of the
industry including Runway models, print models for all areas of advertising, promotional models and actors for films, television theatre and digital.

Let's Read The Newsletter

model’s survival kit
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A model’s survival kit to crack those strenuous auditions and castings

Modelling has become a sought after métier for most girls. Thousands of ambitious models aspire to coruscate the next cover of a famous glossy. It takes efficient planning, assiduity and determination to become a supermodel.

It is rightly said that “you never get a second chance to make a lasting first impression’’. A model always has to put her best foot forward and cast an indelible impression for auditions and castings.

Adore has curated a list of must-have retail investments that will help you attract more attention and praise.

The following list contains wardrobe must-haves that help you adhere to an audition decorum and spur on your modelling career-

1. The deal-breaker denim

The deal-breaker denim

The importance of a well-fitted pair of denim jeans is needless to say. A good pair of jeans will embrace your best features and hide the problem areas. Jeans and a singlet are not only an audition uniform but also a timeless retail investment. Denim makes you look chic and stylish and are available for all body-types.

2. Shorts that help you strut the ramp

Shorts that help you strut the ramp

Posing and walking on the runway can be demanding and difficult. Well-fitted pair of shorts helps you flaunt those stunning long legs and create an enduring impact. It is of paramount importance that those shorts fit you perfectly and make your legs look slender. Dark and light washed tight fitted denim shorts are preferable.

3. Befitting black and white spaghetti

Befitting black and white spaghetti

Singlet tops have multiple benefits and are commonly worn for castings and auditions. It accentuates your body-type and neutral colours don’t attract attention and take away from your look. Make sure the spaghetti top compliments your body shape and structure and makes you look elegant and winsome.

4. Stiletto and pumps that raise the bar

Stiletto and pumps that raise the bar

It is imperative to own 4 inch nude and black pumps. 5-inch stiletto heels will make you look poised and sophisticated. The model must look relaxed and confident when she sashays down the ramp. Perseverance and practice will improve your walk and make you comfortable in those tall heels.

5. Makeup that makes a lasting impression

Makeup that makes a lasting impression

A model must look radiant and fresh. The makeup should be subtle and natural. It should sharpen a model’s features and hide flaws. The ideal makeup look is the “No Make-up Make-up Look”. Bold lips and eyes have to be avoided. A model can highlight and contour her features.

Modelling is an art and looking presentable and appealing is a part of the job. Having the correct starter-kit can help you kickstart your modelling career and crack those auditions. Auditions cost money and time and it is of paramount importance that you cast an everlasting and memorable impact on the casting director and agency. One can have the right clothes and make-up but a model must carry the garments with grace and confidence.

– Isha Tilve
(Influencer & Model)

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Tips on How to Be the Best Model You Can Be

Modelling may seem like a tough nut to crack, but with a little perseverance, you can be the professional model you truly are cut out to be. It’s always best to be prepared when entering a new field. The following tips could be extremely beneficial for your future career;

1. Time, Effort and Patience

Remember, the first and foremost important tip; don’t be nervous. Modelling is like any business, and in businesses, with practice comes perfection. We all make mistakes along the way, but it’s up to us to be attentive and learn from our past mistakes. It takes time and effort to be thoroughly committed to professional modelling, and it definitely requires patience. Success most definitely does not happen overnight, but that’s where patience comes handy.

2. Be Confident and Be Yourself

Present yourself as the best candidate, and you can easily do this by just simply having confidence in yourself, presenting yourself with a good attitude, and a friendly personality. It’s extremely vital to make a good first impression. And remember, don’t be shy to be the real you, show your personal style. Be yourself!

3. A Healthy Lifestyle is a Necessity

You’re probably going to hear this again and again throughout your life, but a healthy lifestyle is a necessity. Stay hydrated, get a good night’s sleep, try to have a healthy diet, work out regularly, and it’s probably a good idea to avoid smoking and alcohol. Your body’s a temple, and you should definitely treat it like it is.

4. Take Care of Your Skin & Hair

Take care of your skin and hair. We can’t be out there with greasy hair and pimply skin. Use the proper skin & hair products according to your skin and hair type, wear makeup at a minimum to maintain clean skin, don’t forget to take your makeup off before sleeping, I know just how tempting is, but don’t. Go for a regular trim and try avoiding heat styling products.

5. Always Be Professional

In this fast and cutthroat world, there are no exceptions in maintaining a professional behaviour. Always remember to be on time for castings, auditions and meetings in your career. Try your utter best to maintain a good reputation in the field.