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Adore – Revisiting the 90s


The 90s was the era when music and pop culture was the talk of the town. All the famous music bands influenced the fashion trends majorly. Grunge looks had started becoming popular, leaving behind the flashy and elaborate fashion trends of the 80s. Minimalistic yet chic looks were preferred by people in the early 90s due to which pieces like chunky sneakers, denim and hoodies came into existence and started getting trendy. A few of the 90s fashion trends have slowly been making a comeback.


Biker Shorts: In the 90s, from Madonna to Princess Diana, everyone was following the biker shorts trend. Now that the trend is back, women have been pairing it up with blazers, waist pouches, oversized t-shirts and sneakers. It has got to be one of the most comfortable trends of the 90s that has made a comeback.




Chains: Long silver and golden chained waist belts have been revived off late. Chains have made a comeback, not only in the form of waist belts but also neckpieces, sunglasses and mask holders as well as crossbody bag belts. Chain belts along with a pair of baggy pants and sneakers are the go-to chic outfit in the current times.






Baggy Jeans: High-waisted baggy jeans, also known as ‘mom jeans’ were super fashionable back in the 90s. From Hollywood to Bollywood, all models and actresses were setting major fashion goals in these pairs of jeans. In 2020, women are seeing pairing these jeans with cropped tops, crossbody bags and chunky sneakers.





Animal Prints: Snakeskin print, leopard prints and zebra prints scream the 1990s out loud! Surprisingly, leopard prints are huge this 2020. These prints are seen on a lot of bags of brands like Aldo and Zara. Satin slip-on dresses of animal prints are also going viral this year.




Corset tops: 90s were known for women wearing corset tops with flared skirts and trousers. Squared necklines and well-fitted tops were in trend. Currently, this look is opted by very few as women these days like to go for more of the bustier-top trends, which is also inspired by the corset tops.



Fashion trends are very nostalgic and brands often keep revisiting the fashion trends of the previous decades. The current generation has been highly appreciative and experimental when it comes to old school and vintage fashion which is why all the trends of the 90s are gradually coming back in style. To add a few more to the list, kitten heels, Adidas sliders, leather jackets, denim overalls and flannel shirts have also been very popular in 2020.

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Adore – Covid Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends in COVID’19



Bill Cunningham once said ‘Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.’ There goes a lot of imagination, time, effort and artistry behind the making of one garment. The coronavirus has given a rise to a whole new world which requires us to adjust to a set of new lifestyle as well as fashion rules. Every person’s behaviour towards fashion has taken a backseat and seen a drastic change due to COVID’19. People have been settling for more casual, comfortable looks with a pop of creativity and style on the masks.



6 fashion trends that have emerged during COVID’19:



  • Creative Face Masks: 2020 has been all about protecting ourselves from the deadly coronavirus. Ever since the doctors have declared that wearing a mask is mandatory, every designer has started producing fancy, durable, reusable and quirky masks. Currently, face masks in different materials, patterns and colours, masks with chains as well as embroidered face masks for brides have been the latest addition to fashion




  • Flip-flops: In the quarantine season, majority of the women prefer and prioritize comfort over style. Flip flops, sliders and mules are the most comfortable go-to footwear this season compared to painful and chunky high heels or boots. Contrastingly, women who like heels have plumped for kitten heels. Kitten heels have really tiny heels which make it extremely comfortable to wear all day.



  • Scarves: The pandemic has made everyone think out of the box and get creative with every piece of clothing. Hands down, scarves as tops have been the biggest trend of the year. A lot of fashion influencers and models have opted for this new DIY trend and it is all over social media. Scarves as face masks have also been popular currently.




  • Vintage clothing: Fashion visits the previous styles time and again which is why the styles from the ’70s and ’80s have been trending currently. Women have been experimenting with a lot of flare denim, squared necklines, puffy-sleeved tops and corset tops. On the other hand, men have been opting back to the style of ’90s which includes tracksuits, polo neck t-shirts, patch-work shirts and oversized blazers.


  • Tie-Dye: Men and women across the globe have been obsessing over tie-dyed pair of jeans, sweatpants and t-shirts. The tie-dye DIY clothing challenge was a major trend on various social media platforms like Instagram.



  • Crossbody Bags: Crossbody bags with a short strap and a few compartments have been the latest style for men. It makes a very casual attire look classy and is also very practical for men to keep their belongings.

With the entire world working from home, everyone’s priority is mainly comfort clothing. Athleisure

wear is now not only our workout wear but also office wear, market outfit and loungewear. Minimalism and sustainability in fashion is the goal for a lot of people this year. Investing in basic items of clothing and accessories is what people prefer in the current times. Glitter, glamour and high-end fashion have taken a major setback in 2020.

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2019 Fashion Hits and Misses

From inappropriate dress to unmatched accessories, or breath-taking outfits to iconic accessories, the celebrities reeled them all at the red carpets in 2019. Starting with Golden Globe in January and ending with Emmy Awards in September, we saw celebrities trying to outdo each other on the red carpet. The celebrity’s red carpet looks goes viral on the internet for two reasons it either sets the trend or becomes a topic to troll about. Like every year in 2019 we saw a lot of hits and misses of celebrity’s outfits, some made our jaw drop and some, our head scratch. Adore Models rounded up the top 5 fashion hits and misses of 2019.

2019 Fashion Misses

Following are the recaps of 5 biggest red carpet misses of 2019


Karlie Kloss, Met Gala

When can you dress up over the top and break all the rules? It’s Met Gala but Karlie missed the opportunity in 2019. She is literally a perfect blank canvas and you can throw anything yet she opted for this shiny gold dress with puffed sleeves. Not really gala.


Kanye West, Met Gala

When you have a wife like Kim Kardashian to walk the red carpet would you still wear something that you would normally wear to run errands? Kim already has a good amount of bodyguards around her all the time, Kanye didn’t had to be one.


Jonas Brothers, Billboard Award

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas or the Jonas brother showed up all matchy-matchy for the Billboard Music Award 2019. Together the suits are train wreck and separately a disaster.

Kylie Jenner, Grammy

Kylie Jenner left us stunned with her red carpet for Grammy 2019, but not in a good way. The Balmain look with uncomfortable puffy sleeves and oversized pants, has totally left us confused.


Dascha Polanco, Emmy Awards

In 2019, Dascha had a recurring role in the Netflix series When They See Us but for the Emmy Awards she didn’t really had a breath-taking outfit. Is it a dress? Is it a suit? Is it both? We don’t know, but is it silly? YES.


2019 Fashion Hits

Here is a list of 5 most iconic celebrities’ red carpet looks of 2019.


Billy Poter, Oscars

Billy Poter made a history at the Emmy Award 2019 by being the first openly gay black man to win the award for the lead actor. For Oscar 2019 he arrived in custom, hybrid tuxedo ball gown by Christian Siriano. He amused us with all his gender-bending, high-fashion-meets-costume looks all year round but this gown top the list.


Lady Gaga, Met Gala

As the co-chair of Met Gala: Notes on Camp 2019, Gaga really had a night to shine. She arrived in massive hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown, but that’s not all. Gaga then proceeded to out-camp them all with FOUR live outfit changes on the red carpet.
First she took off her huge pink gown to reveal a hot pink dress that matched with her lips perfectly. Then she proceeded to an all-black ensemble—complete with a matching umbrella. Last but not the least, she stripped down to her bra, fishnet and underwear. By adding accessories like hot pink lips, long dramatic lashes, matching umbrella and black cell phone bag Gaga showed us how it’s done.


Jennifer Lopez, Versace

Jennifer Lopez shut down the Milan fashion week 2019 with the forest themed green dress. The dress was similar to the one that Lopez wore for 2000 Grammy but this time with no sleeves and cut out details. The original looks is known as one of the iconic fashion looks of all time.


Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Cannes Flim Festival

Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachan took forward the neon trend with luminous snake textured gown for Cannes 2019. The star was accompanied by her daughter Aaradhya Bachan. The dress really conveyed the inner golden Barbie that she is.


Emily Ralajkowski, Met Gala 2019

Fashion rule-breaking—events like the Met Gala are just another day in the life of Emily Ratajkowski. The model channelled the ultimate camp icon, in this bold interpretation of a Bob Mackie dress, complete with a winged headpiece. Emily wore the most daring outfit for the Met Gala 2019.

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Rapid Fire Round

1 Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

2 Favourite holiday?

3 One thing you love but everyone hates?

4 Your guilty pleasure?

5 Best memory?

6 What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?

7 Three things you do first in the morning/night?

8 Three words that describes you?

9 One trend you wish will never go away?

10 What makes you laugh?

11 Favourite cocktail?

12 Advice you would give to your 18 years old self?

13 Message to your future self?

14 Favourite movie quote?

15 If you could get yourself anything, what would you get?

16 Where is the worst place you could get stuck?

17 Biggest addiction?

18 Last book you read?

19 When I dance, I look like?

20 What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

21 What compliments do people give you the most?

22 What word would you add to the dictionary if you could, what would it mean?

23 What is your best feature?

24 Describe Bollywood in one line?

25 What do you have as your phone’s wallpaper right now?

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The fashion industry in India covers a huge range of clothing. The Indian designers create both beautifully embellished wedding outfits and casual wear. Apart from these, India also represents a unique blend of sarees woven in silk and cotton for women and garments for men. The Indian traditional techniques of embroidery and colourful clothing have flagged their way into the international fashion runway portraying the fusion of Indo-western clothing. Needless to say, the fashion industry in India has been advantaged by thousands of years of rich tradition behind it and is known as the vogue of sewn garments as it has existed in India ever ancient history. Most of the history of textile in Asia during the 17th and 18th century was focused in India. Indian textile culture can be traced back to the great Indus valley civilization where fabric samples, clothed sculptures, and textile production tools have been uncovered. There, woven textiles of cotton and silk were extremely popular. The spread of Indian textiles due to Silk Road trade led to many textile traditions, including the dyeing of materials. In 17th Century during the Mughal Empire, India became the largest textile economy worldwide. At this time, India’s international trade with other nations flourished.

The winters in India are mild, pleasant and dry with average daytime temperature around 29 c and night around 12 c. We do not find really chilling weathers or snowfall in major parts of the country, which does not give people the liberty to really follow the global trend. But when it comes to fashion, India is increasingly a focal point for the fashion industry. According to the report of State of Fashion, India’s ascent is one of the ten trends the fashion industry should watch in 2019. The fashion industry in India is known for its cultural heritage and elegance. It brings out the subtleness of Indian culture that has sustained through ages. The youth here seems to be less influenced by the western trend, but with the current trend of social media India’s fashion scenario has evolved from comfortable, sophisticated and aesthetically beautiful to trending celebrity’s styles. Making a sweeping surge into today’s global scenario, the fashion industry in India is an amalgamation of dynamic conventions.

Looking at all the runways and fashion shows we can see the 90’s trend has continued to gain momentum. From shoulder padded blazers and trench coats to fuzzy oversized jackets every vintage piece is coming back on trend. The long thigh high boots, which the popular Hollywood singer Ariana Grande brought in trend is turning to be classic statement piece in every girl winter wardrobe as we see it all over the streets every winter. The three buttoned blazers paired with neutral color muffler and well fitted jeans is the go to outfit for guys in winters. The chunky rubber sole unisex boots has sported by the celebrities around the globe right from the Kardashians to our own fashion icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

From ethnic and traditional outfits to western and high-street fashion, fashion industry in India has definitely gone through a huge transformations. The fashion influencers like Ashna Shroff, Malvika Satlani, Komal Pandey seems to be rocking both salwar kameez and neon biker shorts on their instagram profiles. When we talk about fashion accessories plays a very vital role. Since the time of our great rulers India is known for wearing heavy and chunky jewellery. India and jewellery, jewellery and Indian women – the terms are linked inherently. The trend of sola sringhar (sixteen adornments) of the bride on her wedding day still exists. The adornment consists of traditional makeup, stunning jewellery, floral embellishments and painting of body parts. Each of these adornments is believed to enhance the girl’s beauty and establish her in this Goddess-like aura. Indian women wore heavy Mughal inspired jewellery not only on her wedding day but also on a day to day basis. But in today’s time women are shifting from chunky and heavy jewellery to more simple and sophisticated French women like jewellery. All the cities across the length and width of India have shops of jewellers – some traditional and some modern jewellers, catering to the need of all kinds. Be it gold, silver or diamonds you will find everything in the country.

India still exports different fabrics to different part of the world. India exported $ 1.9 billion of raw cotton in 2017-18. The Kashmiri Shawl is one of the most beautiful and rarest gift that could be offered to any women till date. Woollen blankets and shawls were woven and exported to the world. By the sixteenth century shawls were being hoarded as forms of wealth, and in the late seventeenth Western visitors reported seeing men wearing large decorative scarves across their shoulders. Toward the end of the eighteenth century European and New England ladies discovered “India” shawls; the soft fabric draped beautifully, the colours shimmered, and the pine patterns spoke of the mysterious East. Discerning ambassadors and sea captains carried them home, and a fashion took hold. Napoleon’s officers in Egypt sent them to their French ladies around the turn of the century. A lot of Indian fabrics are still well known and valued worldwide. So, this winters pair a Kashmiri shawl with your outfit, it will not only keep you warm but will add a classic accessory at the same time.

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The winter is coming – Adore Models Winter Fashion Guide

‘The winter is coming.’ Just like the TV show, Game Of Thrones, the fashion industry eagerly awaits for winter. As we get ready for the season of joy and festivities, it becomes important to remember the basics – the everyday dressing essential we may get wrong a little too often. Mumbai may not have much of a winter, but the drop in temperatures certainly encourages us to wear those rarely-used winter clothes. In a city soaked in humidity for most of the year, the pleasant winter months are an opportunity to experiment with different foods and clothing.

A lukewarm winter can have its advantages. The oversized jackets, the warm knit sweaters, sweatshirts or the faux-fur jackets. Taking your dusty winter wardrobe out reminds you of the coziness that winter is all about. It makes you want to cuddle with your ‘someone special’, it makes you want to steal their jackets or just go for a long drive on a cool morning for some hot breakfast. From the fabric to comfort, it gives you a feeling of protection, the feeling of warmth.

If not the parkas, down jackets, or thick fur Mumbai winter fashion can be made dressy with a few winter basics. Winter basics might include pullovers, sweatshirts, sweaters, and more.

  • This winter, don’t pair your denim with the basic greys and blacks. Choose bright-colored pullovers with some quirky all-over prints to jazz up your winter! From prints in white that can give your bright-colored pullover a beautiful contrast, vivaciously colored prints on pastel-hued pullovers, one can never have enough of printed pullovers this winter.
  • Knit sweaters are key for a great winter outfit. A loose knot blouse with an adorable front knot, a turtleneck with stripes, or a crew neck might add some great color and can be thrown on with your favorite pair of jeans.
  • A soft long-sleeve dress with a cowl neck so you can have that “effortlessly sophisticated” look while basically wearing pajamas. On the other hand, a classic and beautifully striped pencil dress for going back to school, work, or out to dinner. Just throw on a jacket and your favorite scarf for a chic added layer and you’re ready to impress the others.
  • A pleated A-line skirt you can wear with a basic top and let the beautiful fall pattern do all the work. A pair of paisley flare pants because you love jeans but every so often you want to switch it up and these are calling your name! A pair of tight-fitting jeans to keep you snug, warm, and slaying it as you walk down the busy roads on Mumbai to get your favorite cup of coffee.
  • A hooded flannel shirt because the only thing that makes a flannel shirt even cozier is a flannel hood to go with it.

These are the most basic but yet fashionable outfits which can be pulled off as dressy just with the addition of a few accessories. Accessories are the most important aspect of Winter fashion. Living in a humid climate, one does not get a lot of opportunities to pull of a beanie or even a scarf, however this is the season to cherish it all.

  • A blanket knit scarf that’ll keep you warm on colder days and could also be used to take a nap mid-day if you’re feeling sleepy.
  • A chunky cable-knit beanie, because your head needs warmth and you can’t help but look adorable in one of these bad boys.
  • A knit circle infinity scarf you’ll be infinitely happier you have on a cool and crisp day on your way to work!
  • A fringed pashmina shawl to add a fashionable and versatile item to your wardrobe. Wear this as a scarf, shawl, head wrap or even use as a light blanket on a chilly night out.
  • A pair of ankle booties that’ll follow you into every season. Seriously they’ll be your sole-mates.
  • A pair of Spanx and tights you’ll thank yourself later for buying now. You’re definitely going to want multiple pairs of them to keep your legs warm this fall. Not to mention they’ll turn any outfit into a super sleek and sophisticated one!

The intensity of how winter is going to be is not only justified by how cold it is going to get but also how warm you can make yourself feel. The key is layering up. Putting on a simple jacket or a cardigan on your outfit during winter is the best way to look dressy, warm and comfortable. It looks really cool in winter and also helps in keeping you warm. Choose proper garment fabrics that are winter-appropriate and fashionable too. T-shirts and shirts can be worn as a base layer, denim jackets, vests, and sweaters can be teamed as the middle layer and lastly, over-coats with scarves can be worn as the top layer.

  • A striped cardigan with pockets is perfect for an added layer of warmth, comfort and style.
  • A stunning oversized sweater dress will turn heads no matter when or how you decide to style it.
  • For a more formal look, a double-breasted blazer will give your outfit a more sophisticated warm look.
  • A faux-fur long or short jacket that’ll go well with your soon to be winter Instagram aesthetic.
  • A classic fall coat with buttons to add sophistication and round out your outfit while also keeping you warm on this crisp fall day.

Looking good when it’s freezing is a niche wardrobe art. It shouldn’t be, because it’s very cold very often. But judging by the background chatter on Twitter and on public transport – few of us are sure about what to wear when the temperature drops. Now that you have an idea of what winter fashion is all about, enjoy this season with your loved ones. Go for a cute late night date in a leather jacket or a pashmina shawl, go star-gazing in the cool environment in an oversized cardigan to share and cuddle under the night sky.