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  • January 2, 2020

2019 Fashion Hits and Misses

2019 Fashion Hits and Misses

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From inappropriate dress to unmatched accessories, or breath-taking outfits to iconic accessories, the celebrities reeled them all at the red carpets in 2019. Starting with Golden Globe in January and ending with Emmy Awards in September, we saw celebrities trying to outdo each other on the red carpet. The celebrity’s red carpet looks goes viral on the internet for two reasons it either sets the trend or becomes a topic to troll about. Like every year in 2019 we saw a lot of hits and misses of celebrity’s outfits, some made our jaw drop and some, our head scratch. Adore Models rounded up the top 5 fashion hits and misses of 2019.

2019 Fashion Misses

Following are the recaps of 5 biggest red carpet misses of 2019


Karlie Kloss, Met Gala

When can you dress up over the top and break all the rules? It’s Met Gala but Karlie missed the opportunity in 2019. She is literally a perfect blank canvas and you can throw anything yet she opted for this shiny gold dress with puffed sleeves. Not really gala.


Kanye West, Met Gala

When you have a wife like Kim Kardashian to walk the red carpet would you still wear something that you would normally wear to run errands? Kim already has a good amount of bodyguards around her all the time, Kanye didn’t had to be one.


Jonas Brothers, Billboard Award

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas or the Jonas brother showed up all matchy-matchy for the Billboard Music Award 2019. Together the suits are train wreck and separately a disaster.

Kylie Jenner, Grammy

Kylie Jenner left us stunned with her red carpet for Grammy 2019, but not in a good way. The Balmain look with uncomfortable puffy sleeves and oversized pants, has totally left us confused.


Dascha Polanco, Emmy Awards

In 2019, Dascha had a recurring role in the Netflix series When They See Us but for the Emmy Awards she didn’t really had a breath-taking outfit. Is it a dress? Is it a suit? Is it both? We don’t know, but is it silly? YES.


2019 Fashion Hits

Here is a list of 5 most iconic celebrities’ red carpet looks of 2019.


Billy Poter, Oscars

Billy Poter made a history at the Emmy Award 2019 by being the first openly gay black man to win the award for the lead actor. For Oscar 2019 he arrived in custom, hybrid tuxedo ball gown by Christian Siriano. He amused us with all his gender-bending, high-fashion-meets-costume looks all year round but this gown top the list.


Lady Gaga, Met Gala

As the co-chair of Met Gala: Notes on Camp 2019, Gaga really had a night to shine. She arrived in massive hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown, but that’s not all. Gaga then proceeded to out-camp them all with FOUR live outfit changes on the red carpet.
First she took off her huge pink gown to reveal a hot pink dress that matched with her lips perfectly. Then she proceeded to an all-black ensemble—complete with a matching umbrella. Last but not the least, she stripped down to her bra, fishnet and underwear. By adding accessories like hot pink lips, long dramatic lashes, matching umbrella and black cell phone bag Gaga showed us how it’s done.


Jennifer Lopez, Versace

Jennifer Lopez shut down the Milan fashion week 2019 with the forest themed green dress. The dress was similar to the one that Lopez wore for 2000 Grammy but this time with no sleeves and cut out details. The original looks is known as one of the iconic fashion looks of all time.


Aishwarya Rai Bachan, Cannes Flim Festival

Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachan took forward the neon trend with luminous snake textured gown for Cannes 2019. The star was accompanied by her daughter Aaradhya Bachan. The dress really conveyed the inner golden Barbie that she is.


Emily Ralajkowski, Met Gala 2019

Fashion rule-breaking—events like the Met Gala are just another day in the life of Emily Ratajkowski. The model channelled the ultimate camp icon, in this bold interpretation of a Bob Mackie dress, complete with a winged headpiece. Emily wore the most daring outfit for the Met Gala 2019.


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